Unique and Effective Targeted Audience Services


Accurate Prescreen Audience Targeting

DML provides one to one prescreen credit qualified audience targeting in a cross-channel solution program. 

Prescreen data isolates individual audiences that are credit qualified by bureau information such as: credit score, lease and loan payments status for “in market purchase cycle” financial position.

We accurately reach individual prescreen targeted audiences with consistent and timed messaging to power off line direct mail firm offer of credit and digital campaigns. Facebook and Instagram ads are displayed only to intended credit qualified lease and subprime/prime direct mail list matched audiences.

This is provides marketers with a precise individual targeting approach - not inaccurate modeled, demographic or generic audiences.  Eliminates wasted spend on audiences who recently purchased a vehicle or cannot be financed. 

Only prescreen credit-marketing lists reach audiences by actual credit score, lease and loan position and high APR loan holders. Prescreen data is derived from national credit bureau files and requires compliance oversight and credentialing.


Customized Mobile Engagement


DML provides modern and relevant mobile solution to improve lead generation and consumer engagement. 

Consumers are sometimes  weary of downloading new apps and experiencing text marketing messaging fatigue. Interested to connect but not the hassle. 

We have sophisticated technology solutions that are 100% controlled by the consumer to improve lead generation engagement and customer interactions driven from multiple channels while meeting important TCPA requirements.

Mobile technology is customized for your unique application engagement needs, full API integration for variable intelligence, real time reporting and scalability for sophisticated operations.