Team of experts ready to support your innovative marketing goals.

Team of experts ready to support your innovative marketing goals.

Team of experts ready to support your innovative marketing goals.Team of experts ready to support your innovative marketing goals.Team of experts ready to support your innovative marketing goals.

Our team of experts power leading automotive and financial marketers with customized managed marketing data and technology services.

Sustainable Philosophy

Marketers face tremendous pressure today in managing new technology, customer expectations, budgets and resources, evolving compliance and the list goes on.  

Marketing is complex and the ecosystem has endless supply of options. DML's reputation has been built on a simple mission - our team of experts support your team as a long-term partner with the highest quality and integrity.  


Client Success Value

Industry Experts Supporting Your Team


DML is the behind the scenes team powering the industry’s leading automotive and financial services marketers with FCRA and TCPA compliant prescreen audience marketing and digital technology services. Our experts provide customized digital, mobile and analytical services to connect all channels for automotive, financial services and other industries.

We manage the complexity of sensitive data sourced programs and provide innovative tools for marketers to responsibly utilize these highly effective and accurate lead generation and client communications.  

Our experts provide the comprehensive data expertise and compliance knowledge base and resources required to efficiently and effectively manage sensitive and prescreen multi-channel audience targeting campaign programs. 

DML provides a project management style of cross functional sales, marketing and data analyst support customized specifically for each client's internal and external needs. We work seamlessly across all departments of an organization and designated providers. 

We simplify the evolving compliance requirements into a responsibly managed program, so agencies can adapt without adding more staff, our quality control process eliminates errors with audience selection and ordering, and messaging oversight avoids willful and deceptive marketing violations.  

Our team is unique in that we provide and manage the campaign data and workflow while interacting to support your sales, marketing and production. This provides effective data selection for consistent and compliant targeted marketing and proper bureau credentialing for the finance company, agency and dealership. 


Our team of experts help marketers:

  • avoid costly compliance violations due to data and messaging misusage and improper credentialing

  • we help clients select the best data and audience filters

  • we dramatically reduce campaign cycle time with our optimized workflow oversight and proactive communications

  • provide a consistent and innovative knowledge base for stability and scalability 

Exceptional Professional Service


Our team of professionals are focused on delivering exceptional quality with managed services that goes above and beyond today's frustrating and outdated list vendor approach.

Challenges with effective data usage and compliance are problematic because they are cross department and impact sales, creative, data services, production functions and external providers. DML provides guidance and oversight to ensure all campaign elements are in place. 

We do not hide behind departmental silos, "not my problem syndrome", voicemail, email or annoying chat screens. A real person answers all calls and takes immediate action to assist your team.  

Our managed campaign services are customized for your environment and goals. We work across all departments in your organization and outside to ensure optimum targeting and compliant data usage and messaging.  

We work with all departments to help drive the most effective campaign results and meet deadlines. We monitor campaign stages and proactively communicate to stakeholders suggestions for improved results, missing elements and provide campaign status reports to meet goals and deliver results. 

When DML is your partner, you immediately have a team of compliance focused data and technology marketing experts that work seamlessly as an extension of your team. 


About Us


Behind the Scenes Experts

Since 2005, DML has powered the industry's leading marketers with credit qualified consumers with compliance focused managed data and technology services. 

Our extensive automotive and financial industry history extends more than 20 years in supporting data and technology solutions for: national credit bureaus, finance companies, OEMS’, agencies and dealerships and provides proven foundation to deliver accurate, efficient and compliance focused prescreen data, analytics, digital, mobile and technology marketing services.


Long-Term Partnership Philosophy

We look at each client, large or small as a long-term partnership. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship and be a partner in helping grow your business - not a short term sale. 

Our reputation has been built on:  

  • Unwavering Integrity
  • Flawless, Exceptional Service
  • Long - Term Partnership Success Goal