Compliance Support and Resources


Compliance and Data Best Practices Approach

Over the years, DML has demonstrated unwavering commitment to very follow important Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and credit bureau compliance requirements and data best practices. This has been a key component of our success, longevity and reputation as a quality partner. 

Data compliance and best practices will continue to change. Many environments are not able to effectively and efficiently manage all program details required to operated responsible and compliant programs. Dedicated data usage and compliance support resources are required today to operate effective and sustainable marketing programs. 


As a quality marketing services provider, compliance input and quality control is a central part of all of our campaign services. Our managed services approach includes quality control workflow to help flag compliance and campaign errors.

  • campaign workflows have important quality controls to track data source, filters and corresponding campaign messaging

  • DML provides the data selection and output, campaign content review. For quality control, DML delivers one complete job file with final messaging copy for print and/or digital deployment along with corresponding data

  • workflow flags data and messaging errors often occurring with incorrect data source and noncompliant campaign messaging.These types of critical compliance errors often occur in environments where sales, creative and production are all involved and lack of staff knowledge base

  • workflow quality control steps also flag inaccurate campaign elements ie.. job #, content and other critical details that impact campaign success

  • for states with unique compliance requirements such as Georgia, we work closely with Georgia Governor's Office of Compliance and coordinate acceptable AG content

The quality control oversight is important for State AG compliance, FCRA, credit bureau and lender backer requirements and overall campaign results. 

State and Federal Trade Commission activity and rulings are closely monitored. As we implement new policies, we also help educate our clients and partners on the latest developments. Below are resources to help support your marketing success:

Federal Trade Commission 

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 

California Consumer Privacy Act

Georgia Governors Office of Consumer Protection